The Bradbury Pound

While politicians, economists and corporate media commentators continue to make a living justifying the continuing status quo of bailout and austerity which is bringing hell on us all, we at the UK Column continue to push for the combination of national credit, Glass Steagall, banks in administration and an infrastructure rebuilding programme used as a driver for the real economy.

The continuing economic pessimism being foisted upon us is not only unnecessary, it is a criminal fraud for which the perpetrators need to be brought to justice. Until we can persuade the wider public of that, we simply have no future.

If we are to bring these issues to a wider public, we need your help. So today we are making available our ebook covering the issue of national credit.You can download the book in pdf form here and as an iBook for the ipad. The ipad version includes video and audio, so it is a large file!

Please read it, tweet about it, post it to Facebook and distribute it in any other way that comes to mind, as widely as possible.

As I wrote in a recent article, this economic collapse which will bring disaster to us all if left alone is also our greatest opportunity to build a fantastic future – if we have the guts to pursue it. Which we get is up to us all.

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