What is the lawful basis of council tax?

From newstruth.co.uk

Council Tax And Saying NO Here Is Why!

Council tax, pah, I would be better giving all my earnings to a charity!

I am not an idle waster, I actually work for myself.

I am not unemployable, I choose not to be employed and as such I employ myself. I work 10-14 hours per day without the guarantee of a salary. I get out of my business what myself and others contribute, if the business is not a success then quite a few people will not have a wage neither.

I do not class myself as a Freeman nor a Sovereign, I do not need labels at all as I am just me! I am, however, interested in the way that Freemen and Sovereigns operate. I like their attitude and I know quite a few in real life and they are not benefit scroungers, neither am I.

Others have said and attempted to tarnish me with so many stereotypes used that it honestly beggars belief:

Benefits scounger
Council estate chav
Idle wasters

Those are just a few of the sterotypical slurs levied when someone makes a stand against something that they believe to be to be immoral. I am none of the above, I pay my own way and I rely not on the Government nor any other man to supply me with any benefits.

I firmly believe that council tax is immoral because it is not there as funding for services and this has been openly admitted by various councils. It is there to top up the shortfall in the general fund/grant issued by central government. Via Freedom Of Information requests it has also been proven that as much as 50% of council tax actually goes to pay into the pension schemes of local govt employees. Why should I have to subsidise anyone elses pension? Nobody subsidises mine!

I have never refused to pay council tax, I have used many avenues to attempt to get local councils to exactly define why I should have to pay it, what I am paying for, how the amount is calculated, what the breakdown for each service is, how much from the general fund compared to the amount collected in council tax is allocated for services such as Police, Fire etc.

How much from council tax has been investested overseas, such as in Iceland, how much was lost due to the collapse of banks and the crucial one is, why was there a surplus left over to invest if council tax is there to pay for services! Am I not entitled to know the answers to these questions? Or would you suggest that I just bend over and accept it all?

I have never attended a court over council tax, I have had a liability order issued against me and Bailiffs attended on numerous occassions to attempt to levy distress. They did not succeed in gaining a walking posession order let alone levying distress.

I do not use a “system” as no system is bullet proof. I have now dealt with council tax in the Scottish and also the English legal jurisdictions and not once have they managed to commence full proceedings against me.

Whilst in England a council did send the Bailiffs and yes they can be very threatening, however studying the statutes regarding council tax, role of Bailiffs, and the enforcability was invaluable to myself. The Bailiffs ended up handing the case file back to the council as they could enforce jack shit as they were denied entry.

I then did an FOIA request to the council asking the following:

How many households were in arrears for council tax
How many liability orders had been granted
How many times Bailiffs had been instructed
How many times walking posessions orders had been gained
Total value of all goods via walking posession orders
Number of times goods had been removed
Total value of goods sold at auction

Once I received the information I sat with my chin on the floor!

How many households were in arrears for council tax 4,803 estimated from the meeting.
How many liability orders had been granted 4,803
How many times Bailiffs had been instructed 1,841
How many times walking posessions orders had been gained 319
Total value of all goods via walking posession orders not available
Number of times goods had been removed zero
Total value of goods sold at auction zero

I then arranged a meeting with the Financial Director of said council and I brought all of this up, I had the local Tory councillor in tow (who was as much use as tits on a fish) and stated that the council was using intimidation and threats against householders. The FD had to agree this as he said “we have no other way of collecting this tax”! I stated that I was going to go to the media with the figures and FOIA and he asked me not to do this as “something could be sorted out”.

Two days later I received a council tax statement showing that £0.00 was owed!

So, I am not a freeman nor a sovereign, I just might be an awkward sod that firmly believes that he has the right to know.

The crux of this is that Councils are openly using threats and intimidation to extort monies from ordinary people.

Why don’t you just say no for a change and stop being a scared wee lamb, you will be lead to slaughter you know!

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